Useful Info - Manuals & User Videos

If you are new to narrow-boating, feel free to have a look at our useful information below!

New to Narrowboating

A Narrowboat holiday is a unique rural retreat.

You may never have experienced anything like it but please don’t be alarmed if you’ve never been in charge of a boat before. Canal boats are not difficult to operate.

It is our job to ensure you feel safe and confident on the water, and return feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, with a bunch of great stories to tell your family and friends 

So leave the worrying to us – we will provide all the training you need to get underway on your first afternoon, teaching you how to navigate locks and operate the boat, so that you can enjoy your holiday afloat with complete peace of mind.


User guide & Instruction vidoes

General boat and river videos

Boat Manuals

Narrowboat Adventure

Follow our five steps to begin your Narrowboat Adventure…

1. Plan our route and see what to do on your holiday.

2. Choose your dates and book your next boat trip online.

3. We will email you the boat manual to read through,

4. Arrive at the boat at the agreed time on your first day.

5. Join us on board for your induction to our boats.

6. Enjoy your Narrowboat holiday on our waterways.

Things To Do

Explore our list of Things To Do in Cambridge
and join us for an unforgettable boat trip!